“The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce shall be a leader in providing a progressive environment for promoting business opportunities and the quality of life in Huntingburg and the surrounding community.”

The greatest asset to a business is its location in a prosperous growing community, where new people are constantly moving in and the economic level is high.

The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce serves as a leader in developing and promoting plans, ideas, and projects to build and sustain a positive and progressive environment. The Chamber serves as a vehicle through which community problems may be identified and attacked, problems that defy solution by individual effort are often solved though the focused efforts of the Chamber of Commerce members. Members of the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce are not making a donation to a charity but making an investment in their community. Their return is the continued growth and prosperity of the area.

Huntingburg: A City Like No Other




Meet the Chamber

Sara Schroeder, Executive Director!!


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the City of Huntingburg and our Chamber members.

My name is Sara Schroeder and I have lived in Huntingburg with my husband John since 1997. I have spent the last few years as a stay-at-home mom to our four kids – Sam 13, Reid 11, Emma 8 and Max 7.

I grew up in the Mariah Hill area and graduated from Heritage Hills High School. I have a degree in Public Relations from the University of Southern Indiana and have worked in the Mental Health and Correctional field.  Even though I didn’t grow up in Huntingburg, I have strong ties to the community. My father grew up here and I’m the grand-daughter of Lovie Werne and the late Jerome Werne, who owned businesses on 4th Street.

I am excited and honored to be involved with the Chamber during a very exciting time for the City of Huntingburg. I plan to take the next few weeks to get settled into the job before I start getting out into the community. I look forward to meeting the existing Chamber members and talking to potential members about the benefits of joining the Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for the wonderful words of support. I look forward to serving the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce for years to come.


Chamber of Commerce Board Members:

President – Al Mihajlovits

Vice President – Tricia Neukam

Treasurer/Secretary – Andrea Peters

Jan Swickard

John Schroeder

Tom Kahle

Gail Kemp

Debbie Haskins




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