“The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce shall be a leader in providing a progressive environment for promoting business opportunities and the quality of life in Huntingburg and the surrounding community.”

The greatest asset to a business is its location in a prosperous growing community, where new people are constantly moving in and the economic level is high.

The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce serves as a leader in developing and promoting plans, ideas, and projects to build and sustain a positive and progressive environment. The Chamber serves as a vehicle through which community problems may be identified and attacked, problems that defy solution by individual effort are often solved though the focused efforts of the Chamber of Commerce members. Members of the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce are not making a donation to a charity but making an investment in their community. Their return is the continued growth and prosperity of the area.

Huntingburg: A City Like No Other



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2016 Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce Community-Wide Yard Sale

The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome everyone to participate in our community yard sale on Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th, 2016. We ask people who would like to participate to pick up a registration form from the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce Office in the ONB building at 327 E. 4th Street, Suite 205 Huntingburg. The registration forms are also available in the April utility bill and at the link above.

Registration deadline is May 4th. There will be an entry fee of $10 to participate in the event.

Participation in the event includes advertising in local print and social media. All entries will also be included in a “Yard Sale Guide” that will be available for pick up starting on May 11, 2016. Guides will be available at Mor for Less, Hometown IGA and the Chamber Office in Huntingburg.  All entries will also be submitted to the City of Huntingburg to comply with the Yard Sale Ordinance.

For more information about the city wide yard sale, please contact Sara Schroeder at 812-683-5699 or email questions to huntingburgchamber@gmail.com.












Chamber of Commerce Board Members:

President – Al Mihajlovits

Vice President – Tricia Neukam

Treasurer/Secretary – Andrea Peters

Jan Swickard

John Schroeder

Tom Kahle

Gail Kemp

Debbie Haskins




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