“The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce shall be a leader in providing a progressive environment for promoting business opportunities and the quality of life in Huntingburg and the surrounding community.”

The greatest asset to a business is its location in a prosperous growing community, where new people are constantly moving in and the economic level is high.

The Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce serves as a leader in developing and promoting plans, ideas, and projects to build and sustain a positive and progressive environment. The Chamber serves as a vehicle through which community problems may be identified and attacked, problems that defy solution by individual effort are often solved though the focused efforts of the Chamber of Commerce members. Members of the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce are not making a donation to a charity but making an investment in their community. Their return is the continued growth and prosperity of the area.

Huntingburg: A City Like No Other




Meet the Chamber

Photo Sep 28, 12 34 14 PMExecutive Director

 Elizabeth Wertman –

I am Elizabeth Wertman and I am the Executive Director of the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce. I am a 2009 Graduate of Southridge High School, I attended college at Herron of Art and Design on IUPUI campus and graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor in Fine Arts of Photography. I currently live in Holland with my Husband, Chad and our two cats. Along with being the Executive Director, I am also the Head Coach of the Southridge Middle School Girls Track and Field Team and I also am one of the Chairman for the Huntingburg Herbstfest Puttin’ on the Hits Lip-sync Competition.

I believe in chances to grow and expand in our communities and your businesses, with teamwork from myself and all the members I know we can make your business and the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce the best it can be.


Chamber of Commerce Board Members:

President – Al Mihajlovits

Vice President – Tricia Neukam

Treasurer/Secretary – Open

Jan Swickard

Andrea Peters

John Schroeder

Tom Kahle

Gail Kemp

Debbie Haskins




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